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**Hannah is not taking on new requests until further notice. Please tune in to the shop's social media for updates **

Please describe the tattoo you would like to get. If you have any photo references, please include them below!

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What style of tattoo are you looking to get? Color, Black and Gray, Dotwork, etc? If you don’t know the term, that's okay, that's also what the references are for!

Where on your body would you like the tattoo and how big would you like the tattoo to be in inches?

Is this a coverup? If so please attach photos of the tattoo you’d like to cover with a measuring tape/ruler/pen/iphone for scale, and include how large you’d be willing to go to cover up the pre-existing piece. Make sure the photos are of the body part at rest, not bent/twisted or pointed at the camera. I often draw on the photographs to make a perfect fit to the body so the less distorted the better. Please make sure if the photo is a mirror image that you also let me know! 

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Coverup Placement 2

Do you have any medical conditions I should know about? If so please list:

Do you have any allergies? If so please list, (this includes pets, products, perfumes as well as food allergies).

Is there anything we've missed? Please use this section to fill us in on anything we haven't asked :) ... then hit send and hang tight for a response! Thanks a bunch! - Raven and Rose Studios

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