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Meet The Artists

Hannah Everhart
Owner - Artist
Ray Everhart

Hannah is a Maryland native who began tattooing in 2013. 

Hannah is  a versatile artist who enjoys working with floral, traditional and neo-traditional themes. She has a friendly, comforting bed side manner which always puts her clients at ease. A few of her favorite things outside of the tattoo studio include travel, photography, movies, and all things Harry Potter.


Ray Headshot.jpg

Born and raised in the DMV, Ray enjoys doing botanical, illustration, and fine line tattoo work, though is always open to try new styles! Their interests include subjects like pop culture, queer imagery, anime, horror, and video games. With a background in customer service, they ensure the comfort and safety of all their clients. Aside from tattooing, Ray likes to paint, hike, and spend time with their cat.


Laura Eller

Laura is a black femme tattoo artist who specializes in pop culture and horror tattoos. She enjoys horror, science fiction, and fantasy and is definitely down to have a confersation about the latest Marvel movie. She also specializes in all skin types ranging from dark to light and believes in inclusivity. Check her out for any of your tattoo needs!



Katie is a Maryland based tattoo artist, originally from Western New York, who loves working with bold lines and colors. Some of Katie’s favorite subjects to tattoo include bright florals, pop culture, silly pin-ups, and “weird little guys.” Do you have a quirky idea? Katie wants to tattoo it for you! 



Katie loves all things house plants, chocolate, and geek culture, and loves to gab about video games and pets (especially her cats, Sadie and Oliver). She has a weakness for a good pastry, wishes she could really use the Force, and thinks you can never be too old for cartoons.  


Things Katie would love to tattoo more:

  • Muppets

  • Anything pixelated

  • Reverse merpeople

  • Color splash/ “watercolor”


Katie Ecklund
Michelle Heffner

Michelle is our shop apprentice and she is ready to take on smaller tattoo projects of all varieties!

Her favorite tattoo subjects include :

- Biomech

- Bugs

- Teeth

- Native Plants

- Queer iconography 

- Witchy stuff

- Gemstones 

Michelle is now taking flash tattoos and small customs at a reduced apprentice rate. To view her flash, you can view her Tattoo Portfolio Below 

Tattoo Portfolio 


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